Pavillion - PARMA,IT - 2017



In the architecture contest organized for Barilla’s 140th birthday, the pavilion entitled “Satisfactory” has been designed by Pavé Studio, based on the idea to transform the production center in Parma, which is famous for its rich history and eating culture, into a unique experience space that brings gastronomy, history and art together. A timeless and innovative pavilion design has been made with the aim of enriching gastronomic experience as a monumental milestone with architecture and art, by means of an understanding of design that shows respect to tradition and origins. With a target of offering a versatile experience by addressing five senses, “Satisfactory”, as an ecological center that respects the land and culture and motivates the drive to explore,aims at creating a feeling of being inside a living sculpture with its landscape including walking trails and bicycle roads and its exhibition space designed as a shell, where one can watch the production process with 3D animations, sculptures and presentations.  

Project : Satisfactory
Project Office : Pavé Studio
Project Type : Competition / Pavillion Design
Team: Merve Sarıkaya, Ebru Bakkaloğlu, Serkan Veyisoğlu, Cansu Kesici, Selim Ekmen
Client : Barilla
Location: Parma, Italy
Project Year: 2017 

“The Satisfactory become a theater to elevate the Barilla experience, with the exhibition
space of the stylized art piece version of the production line. When people arrive the Barilla
Satisfactory, their soul will light up by the shell designed regarding to landscape of the
environment as a living sculpture.” -Merve Sarıkaya

Project Aim

By enriching gastronomic experience of Barilla with architecture and arts; Building the monumental landmark of the brand with a timeless style and innovation.

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