Body Memory


Pavé Studio captures attention with its unique store concept designed for swimwear and lingerie brand - "Enchanted Planet."

Interior Design·Brand Identity·Visualisation

This concept, named "Enchanted Planet," invites visitors to feel like they're in a different world by offering distinct experiences from both inside and outside.

The exterior of the store is captivating with a window resembling the depths of the ocean where a magnificent mermaid figure is suspended, inviting you inside. Stepping through the door, you suddenly find yourself in a planet whose name you didn't even know. Surrounding you are reddish rocks, pools of water in hollows in the rocks, fine sand, and a clear sky. The products are scattered around as if the inhabitants of the planet disappeared suddenly, leaving their clothing behind. The materials and products, though abandoned, are so beautiful that you can't resist trying them on. With each experience, you leave an impression on this planet just like the other inhabitants.

The materials forming the shell of this planet and filling its interior reflect your memories: glass, mirrors, metal, and phosphorescent fabrics. Inside the cabinet, there are packages prepared according to your body memory.

Interior design by Pavé Studio

Team Merve Sarıkaya, Seda Sarı

Branding  Selim Ekmen

Client Private

Concept & Materials

In this unique store concept, red rocks forming the primary shell, hollows filled with water representing a natural aquatic element, fine sand, and a clear sky constitute the essence, reflecting the natural and enchanting aspects. Additionally, materials such as glass, mirrors, metal, and phosphorescent fabrics added by the creators of the planet create a modern and enchanting ambiance within the interior, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.

· "Body Memory: Embrace Your Essence. Discover Your Story. Live in Your Skin." ·

Body Memory

"The materials composing the shell of this unique planet's store, along with the products it houses, reflect your memories. Materials such as glass, mirrors, metal, and phosphorescent fabrics portray the character and richness of this planet. Inside the freezer, it's filled with packages tailored to your body memory, showcasing the uniqueness of each product for you."

"In this realm, it's not just about clothes but also the moments you live and the memories you create. Pavé Studio designs to make each visitor's experience unforgettable, making them feel like a part of this extraordinary world. Each encounter serves as a reminder that you, too, leave an indelible mark on this unique planet."

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