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Kokoa has been created by Pavé Studio for the Divan brand, and the creation of its brand identity and communication language was given priority with the dream of offering an out-of the-ordinary café concept. Its adaptation to its address in Suadiye – the first physical space of the created concept where the concept design has begun in December 2019 – was realized in 2021 and the client experience has become part of the process. With a multifaceted effort as brand and concept design, interior design, graphic design, menu consultancy and styling, a holistic approach has been offered and a refined and strong identity has been created for Kokoa, which is far too distant from the concept desensitized by similar coffee chains. By carrying touching details to every field of design with methods that are proven vaild, a peaceful atmosphere evoking positive feelings has been created where one can give a break when needed in a city life. A contribution to personal motivation through keywords such as trust, tolerance, forgiving, self-pampering aims at expanding the concept of “comfort zone” which defines in psychology the tangible and intangible places where one feels safe. By matching site- and brand-specific designs with simple materials such as terazzo, cement and white coating, Kokoa’s minimalist philosophy is emphasized elegantly. While its wide, white facade contributes to the recognition of the venue, a continuous flow is enabled between the indoors and outdoors by means of glass windows, and an ease of flow is maximised inside the venue. The “Workroom”, which can be used as a personal workspace, the “Saloon”, which is designed for long conversations, the “Instant Corner” for those who drop by, and the “Backyard” and the “Courtyard”, the outdoor sitting areas, are divided according to different needs of use and habits. Kokoa, where all details have been carefully associated with each other, has changed the perception of coffee chains in its own right with its strong menu.

Interior design by Pavé Studio

Team Merve Sarıkaya, Ebru Bakkaloğlu, Seda Sarı , Ece Yuyar

Interior Styling Deniz Turanlı

Branding by Selim Ekmen

Client Divan Group

Website https://www.kokoa.com.tr

Bespoke Designs

Site-specific and brand-specific lighting and product designs have been made that highlight the minimalist philosophy of the brand.

“We aimed to create a new concept opposite to promised existing coffee chains, where the
customer is overwhelmed and indifferent between its competitors.” -Pavé Team

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Trusting, forgiving, forgetting, tolerating expand one’s comfort zone and abstract areas in which one feels safe.

“It is a brand that touches the soul of the people, gives positive suggestions to people without being aware of it, without bothering them, does not pretend to be wisdom and carries out the search for peace in the city life together with the customer.” Pavé Team

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